Don't Ignore the Indicator Lights in Your Volvo

Your vehicle is an intricate machine, and it has many components and parts that are constantly moving and working together. When something goes wrong, it can be a big problem, and you would never know it if it weren't for the dashboard warning lights.

If you have any of your dashboard lights come on, be sure to pay attention to it and take your vehicle over to us here at Volvo Cars of New Bern to get it checked out. It could be a minor problem, or it could be a really big problem. Don't risk it and get your vehicle taken care of as soon as you can. There are numerous warnings that could go off on your dash, and some of them include the oil change reminder, the battery alert, and the check engine indicator light. You may also get the tire pressure signal or the transmission temperature warning. They're all important.

If you’re uncertain about a light that has activated on your dashboard, then be sure to make a trip to see our mechanics in New Bern, NC today!

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