How to Not Hydroplane in a Storm

Driving through rain is a challenge when the roadway doesn't drain fast enough. Water pooling on the road surface can cause your tires to lose traction. The result is like driving on ice. You can spin out or end up in a ditch.

When you notice water on the roadway, reducing your speed to five or ten miles per hour less than the speed limit will help. Also, avoid using your brakes or cruise control when you encounter water on the road. How effective these measures will depend on the condition of your tires. Worn tires are more likely to lose traction in any situation.

Bring your vehicle to our service center at Volvo Cars New Bern for a tire inspection. Our knowledgeable technicians will let you know if your tires are excessively worn. Here at 3405 Dr. ML King Blvd , we have a selection of new tires to choose from.

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