Simple Tips to Foil Car Thieves

When you buy a vehicle from us at Volvo Cars New Bern, you want to keep it until you trade it in for something new. Unfortunately, car thieves have a different plan. They want to steal your vehicle when you park it in town or at an out-of-town destination. These tips will help you foil car thieves.

Some thieves scour the area to find vehicles parked on an incline. They tow the vehicles away instead of hot-wiring them. Turn your wheels toward an obstruction, such as curb, and place the vehicle in park when parking on an incline. This makes it much harder to tow the vehicle.

Audible and immobilizing anti-theft devices also stop thieves in their tracks. Audible devices make loud noises to alert people that someone is attempting to steal a vehicle. Immobilization anti-theft devices prevent thieves from hot-wiring cars. If someone tries to bypass the ignition, the device stops the vehicle from starting. Visit our New Bern, NC Volvo dealership to test drive a vehicle with safety features that reduce your risk of car theft.


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