The Volvo S60 is Engineered with Safety in Mind

Safety should be one of your top priorities when you are looking to purchase a car. When it comes to safety, you cannot go wrong with the Volvo S60. Volvo has a strong reputation with being one of the safest cars on the road, and the S60 has numerous safety features that will make you feel confident while driving.

Driver and front passenger airbags come standard with the Volvo S60. These airbags will inflate to a certain level based on the force of impact to protect your head, face, and neck. The Volvo S60 also has an automatic braking after a collision system. When the airbags are activated, the brakes will automatically engage to help prevent further damage to other cars, property, or people.

The safety features on the Volvo S60 will help to keep you and your family safe on the road. Visit Volvo Cars New Bern and explore everything the Volvo S60 has to offer.


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