The Volvo XC90 from Volvo Cars New Bern is a full-size SUV that does not disappoint its drivers. This all-new SUV is the definition of options. With so many options to choose from with the XC90, it's apparent to see why this full-size SUV has become a favorite of many drivers in the US.

If you’re looking for luxury features, then the XC90 is the best choice. This year’s XC90 now has 4-zone climate control, a new wool interior option, and a 4-corner suspension. The 4-zone climate control is automatic and will adjust according to the outdoors’s temperature. If you don’t care for leather, then the Volvo SUV gives you the option to have a wool interior instead.

Furthermore, the XC90 gives you the luxury to have the space that an SUV gives without compromising on the sportiness of the vehicle. The XC90 is a great choice for all.


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