Convenient Exterior Features On The Volvo V90

Volvo Cars New Bern is the home of the Volvo V90. This is a luxury wagon that has a modern exterior design along with the room that you need inside for you, your family, your friends and your pets. The V90 offers efficient and powerful performance, and the exterior provides you with important convenience features.

One of the convenient exterior features that you will find on the Volvo V90 is the headlight high pressure cleaning system. This feature will spray the headlights with cleaner from nozzles located in the bumper. This allows the headlights to have brighter illumination when you need it.

No one likes to work hard scraping the ice and snow off of a windshield in winter. The Volvo V90 has one of the best features you could ask for. This vehicle offers a heated windshield that comes on with the touch of a button. This removes the ice and snow fast.


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