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It’s finally that time of year again—kids are going back to school in-person, while parents are managing drop off schedules. But for parents with already limited time on their hands, where do they start when looking to buy a new car?

Volvo Cars of New Bern is here to make it easy with this handy guide to the best family cars for the school season. We’ve got the Volvo models you need at our North Carolina dealership.

2021 Volvo S90 Sedan

The first pick in our back-to-school lineup is an elegant, comfortable sedan dubbed the Volvo S90. Its plush interior and smooth ride put it on the opposite end of the spectrum from sportier, speedier cars, which make it a great choice for families looking to relax and tune out on long rush-hour drives. 

2021 Volvo V90 Wagon

If you’re looking for a little more space but aren’t particularly appealed by the SUV segment, this luxurious wagon is the car for you. Its sleek appearance breaks the station wagon mold of days past, and its fuel-efficient drivetrain is a great way to save on gas without sacrificing on cargo space.

2021 Volvo XC90 SUV

A top pick for parents who need that extra row of seats for larger families, the new Volvo XC-90 midsize SUV is a leader in its segment—and for good reason. Its advanced standard safety suite leaves every single passenger feeling secured, and its extra techy perks are sure to keep the kids busy all the way to the back row.

Of course, a test drive is always the best way to figure out which Volvo vehicle suits you best. Stop by Volvo Cars of New Bern today to get behind the wheel of one of these luxury cars.  

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