Volvo vehicles take adventure and luxury to another level through all its vehicle models. Drivers who crave vehicles that will provide high performance while at the same time offering a comfortable ride will appreciate the Volvo SUV lineup.

Volvo XC90 offers a pleasurable driving experience, thanks to its Bowers & Wilkins audio system. This system is similar to that offered by most recording studios in the world that deliver high-quality sound. The prestigious interior ambiance of the new Volvo XC90 is enhanced by this sound system, which makes it stand out from its peers of the same class and price range.

The XC90 sound system is fitted with high-performance and low-distortion speakers with an open and well-balanced sound distribution in the cabin. It also features seven tweeters and mid-range speakers with cone woofers for a booming sound experience. The new air-ventilated subwoofers offer low base tones that lighten up the whole cabin of the car.


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